Ricky 6

"Say You Love Satan"
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This fascinating motion picture tells the tale of two young people who are on the path of starting quite the admirable journey with one another. Katie is quite the normal woman, she leads a normal life and pretty unspectacular social life. Katie eventually meets Paco, another man who has become quite involved and quite content with his own safe lifestyle. After the two meet, an unquestionable bond develops between them and they both experience a feeling that they are not too familiar with, extreme attraction. The two eventually have a child, and the thing about this beautiful offspring of theirs is that he is anything but normal.

2000 | | 6.0/10
Vincent Kartheiser, Chad Christ, Sabine Singh, Richard M. Stuart
Ricky 6 is a 2000 film loosely based on the life of Ricky Kasso, a suburban teenager accused of Satanism and murder in the 1980s. The film was written and directed by Peter Filardi. Vincent Kartheiser played the disturbed protagonist, renamed Ricky Cowen
Ricky 6
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Also starring Vincent Kartheiser