Road to Ruin

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Jack Sloan has been a very wealthy man for his entire adult life and he has enjoyed his success completely. But when he decides to spend time in Paris, he starts to wonder if the friends he has amassed are only interested in him for his money. He wants to find one person who is interested in him and not interested in his wealth. While in Paris, Jack meets a model named Jessie and it appears as though the two fall in love. But Jack feels those old hesitations building up again and he decides to give up his fortune to see if Jessie will stay, or if she will leave.

| 1991 | | 4.9/10
Peter Weller, Carey Lowell, Michel Duchaussoy, Nathalie Auffret
Road to Ruin is a 1991 romantic comedy. Directed by Charlotte Brandstrom Peter Weller plays a wealthy American businessman living in Paris who falls in love with a fashion model (Carey Lowell) and decides to test her love by giving up his fortune. [edi
Road to Ruin
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Also directed by Charlotte Brandstrom