Runin: Banished

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This is a dramatic movie about a prison colony on a small island. Hachijo Island is a small penal colony in the South Pacific. There are no guards, no cells, and no rules. Each prisoner is dumped on the island to survive on their own. A former courtesan, Toyogiku, is one of the prisoners. She has only her skills as a lady of the evening to trade. She will have to decide how best to bargain with the other prisoners for her life.

Each person on this island has been exiled there as a desperate criminal. Survival will be the ultimate challenge for each of them.

2004 | 2 hr 29 min | 6.9/10
Mariya Ito, Makoto Kakeda, Miyuki Komagata, Keiko Matsuzaka
Eiji Okuda
Runin: Banished
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Also directed by Eiji Okuda