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Russell Peters: Notorious is a hilarious stand-up comedy movie directed by Dave Higby and starring Canadian stand-up comedian Russell Peters. The movie was filmed in front of a live audience in Sydney, Australia in July 2012 and was released in 2013. The movie is a one-hour-long performance by Russell Peters, where he presents his comedy acts about various topics ranging from racial stereotypes, social observations, and personal anecdotes. The show is divided into several vignettes, each focusing on a different aspect of Peters' life.

Russell Peters' unique sense of humor is what makes this movie stand out. He is notorious for his ability to make fun of cultural differences and embrace stereotypes, without stepping over a line and offending his audience. His jokes are witty, sharp, and delivered with perfect timing, keeping the audience in stitches throughout the entire show.

One of the recurring themes in Russell Peters: Notorious is the relationship between Peters and his father, who he describes as a harsh disciplinarian during his childhood. Peters jokes about his father's strict parenting style, contrasting it with his more lenient approach to raising his own children. He also shares his experience of growing up as an Indian-Canadian in a predominantly white neighborhood, and how he learned to navigate the cultural differences as a child.

Another theme in the movie is Peters' own rise to fame and the challenges he faced along the way. He talks about his early years in the comedy scene, performing in small clubs for almost no money, and the sacrifices he made to pursue his passion. He also shares some of his personal struggles with growing older, such as dealing with a receding hairline and being mistaken for someone's dad.

Besides his own experiences, Peters also touches on various social and political issues, such as global terrorism, sexual harassment, and the legalization of marijuana. He jokes about the hypocrisy of political correctness and how it has affected everyday interactions between people of different races and cultures.

Another thing that makes this movie unique is its international appeal. Russell Peters' comedy transcends borders and cultures, and he has developed a massive following around the world. The movie was filmed in Sydney, Australia, and Peters takes advantage of the opportunity to poke fun at the quirks of Australian culture, such as their beloved Vegemite spread and their love for rugby.

Overall, Russell Peters: Notorious is a highly entertaining movie that showcases Russell Peters' exceptional talent as a comedian. The movie is sure to leave audiences laughing uncontrollably and even thinking about some of the cultural issues that Peters touches on. It's a must-watch for anyone who appreciates good comedy and wants to experience a unique perspective on the world.

Russell Peters: Notorious
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