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  • 1971
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Sansar is a 1971 Indian drama film directed by T. Prakash Rao and produced by S. Venkatlaxmi. The film features Navin Nischol, Anupama, Nirupa Roy and Abhi Bhattacharya in prominent roles. The movie is set against the backdrop of a rural village and explores the dynamics of relationships, casteism and societal norms. The movie starts with the introduction of the protagonist, Gopal (Navin Nischol), who is a young man from a lower caste. He lives with his mother (Nirupa Roy) and sister in a small village. Gopal is in love with a beautiful girl, Radha (Anupama), who belongs to a higher caste. Radha's father, Raghunath Singh (Abhi Bhattacharya) is a wealthy man who doesn't approve of the relationship between Gopal and Radha due to caste differences.

As the story progresses, Gopal and Radha's relationship is tested when Raghunath Singh arranges for Radha to marry a man of his own caste. This leads to a series of events that ultimately drive Gopal into a life of crime. Gopal becomes a thief and starts stealing from the rich to help the poor. He becomes an outlaw in the eyes of society but is respected and loved by the villagers who benefit from his acts of charity.

The movie also explores the theme of casteism and the societal norms that govern relationships. Gopal is constantly reminded of his lower caste status and is ridiculed by people from the higher castes. He is not allowed to enter temples or participate in festivals due to his caste. Radha, on the other hand, is forced to adhere to the norms of her caste and is unable to express her love for Gopal openly. The movie portrays the struggles faced by people like Gopal and Radha who are bound by societal norms and expectations.

The relationship between Gopal and his mother is also highlighted in the movie. His mother is portrayed as a strong woman who supports her son throughout his journey. She is aware of his activities but still loves and supports him. The love between a mother and son is beautifully portrayed in the movie.

The music in the movie is composed by Shankar-Jaikishan and the lyrics are written by Hasrat Jaipuri. The songs are beautifully picturised and add to the overall mood of the movie. The song "Aaisa Koi Zindagi Se Vaada" sung by Kishore Kumar became popular and is still remembered as a classic.

In conclusion, Sansar is a poignant tale of love, relationships and societal norms. The movie captivates the audience with its beautiful portrayal of characters and their struggles. The performances by the actors are exceptional, especially Navin Nischol who shines as the protagonist. The movie is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys good storytelling and strong performances.

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