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"A whirlwind Western packed with a thousand thrills!"
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  • 1944
  • 56 min
  • 6.5  (59)

Sheriff Of Sundown is a classic Western film released in 1944, directed by Joseph Kane and starring Allan Lane as the titular character, Sheriff Tom Corman. The movie takes place in the late 1880s in the town of Sundown, where lawlessness and corruption reigns supreme. Tom, a no-nonsense lawman, arrives in the town to bring some much-needed order and justice.

The film has all the staples of a classic Western - guns, horses, fistfights, showdowns, and brave, virtuous heroes battling against ruthless villains. The movie opens with a scene showing a stagecoach being robbed by a gang of bandits led by Luke Mason, played by Roy Barcroft. Tom Corman arrives on the scene and is quick to take action against the robbers. He shoots and kills one of the bandits, forcing the rest of them to flee.

Tom is soon introduced to the townsfolk of Sundown, including the beautiful Laura Manners, played by Linda Stirling, who owns a ranch in the area. The two hit it off right away, but their budding romance is threatened by Luke Mason, who has his sights set on Laura's land. Luke is determined to drive her off her property and take over the land for himself.

Sheriff Tom Corman knows he must act fast and decisively to stop Luke and his gang from wreaking havoc in Sundown. With the help of his trusty deputy, Gabe, played by Max Terhune, Tom begins to investigate Luke's activities and tries to bring him to justice.

As the plot unfolds, we see Tom battling against Luke and his gang on many fronts - from thwarting their attempts to rob banks and stagecoaches, to foiling their efforts to scare the citizens of Sundown into submission. Along the way, there are plenty of action-packed scenes, including exciting horseback chases, thrilling gunfights, and tense showdowns between Tom and Luke.

The climax of the film sees Tom and Luke facing off in a final showdown. The two men engage in a brutal fistfight, which results in Tom emerging victorious. With Luke defeated and behind bars, Tom has rid Sundown of the gang's reign of terror and restored law and order to the town.

Sheriff Of Sundown is an excellent example of a classic Western film. The story is well-paced and engaging, the characters are well-developed and likable, and the action scenes are expertly staged and choreographed. The film's themes of justice, courage, and honor remain relevant and resonate with audiences even today.

Allan Lane is excellent in the lead role of Sheriff Tom Corman. He convincingly portrays the character as a tough, no-nonsense lawman who is also compassionate and just. Linda Stirling also shines in her role as Laura Manners, providing a strong female presence in the film. Max Terhune is a delightful addition as the loyal and bumbling deputy Gabe, providing some much-needed comic relief.

Overall, Sheriff Of Sundown is a solid Western film that will appeal to fans of the genre. With its classic story, engaging characters, and thrilling action sequences, it's a movie that is sure to be enjoyed by generations of audiences to come.

Sheriff Of Sundown
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    6.5  (59)