"Eighty-six floors of action-packed terror!"

Given flashbacks into the relationship of Gordon and Carrie Wink, we find the two likeable in the film, “Skyscraper.” Gordon is a detective on the Los Angeles Police force and Carrie is a helicopter pilot that transports wealthy clients to and from their destinations. Fairfax is a criminal mastermind from South Africa whose goal in life is to obtain four electronic devices that interlock to form one ingenious device that has the ability to facilitate who has the most power and control in the world. Through violent and deceptive means, he has acquired three out of the four devices. The fourth one rests in the Zitex building, which is an 86-floor skyscraper in the middle of downtown L.A.

Fairfax and a French partner hires Carrie to fly them to the Zitex building. A group of terrorists, led by Fairfax, gains control of the security system and kill off security guards throughout the building. They move their way toward Cranston, the man who holds the fourth device. Fairfax plans to kill Cranston, along with the others who have delivered all the pieces.

Cranston is viciously wounded in gunfire between him and Fairfax. Cranston devises an escape route, carrying the case that contains the final piece needed to complete the device. Before he dies, he passes the case off to Wink, who he locates at the top of the building. He makes her promise to keep the case from Fairfax and his henchmen.

Unaware of the circumstances his wife has found herself in, Gordon travels to the Zitex building after following leads behind some strange happenings in the area. He finds her cell phone lying on the ground on the way through the skyscraper.

Carrie is in the middle of protecting herself from the group of henchmen. Gordon is beaten by a terrorist and while they are in the middle of battle, Carrie comes into the scene and shoots the enemy, freeing her husband.

Fairfax locates the electronic device and kills off the French assistant. He runs for the roof, deciding he will force Carrie to fly him out to safety. Gordon is also there, however, and takes on the fight to save his wife. Gordon is wounded in the battle. Carrie takes over, punching back with some force and displays her training in hand-to-hand combat. With a few swift kicks and some perfectly landed blows, she knocks Fairfax to the ground below.

| 1997 | 1 hr 36 min | 2.7/10
Raymond Martino, Joseph Merhi

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