Sone Ka Dil Lohe Ke Haath

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Sone Ka Dil Lohe Ke Haath, an action film from India's Bollywood, tells the tale of a man wrongly accused of murder. Having served half of his unjust prison sentence, the man travels home to see his wife and son. On his way, he encounters the real murderer and they have an altercation resulting in the murderer’s death. Unfortunately, for the innocent man, his real crime is witnessed by a young boy whom he chases. The young boy, who turns out to be his son, meets with an accident which leaves him blind and unable to identify the man.

1978 | | 6.5/10
Ajay, Sudha Chopra, Rajan Haksar, Nasir Hussain
Naresh Kumar
Sone Ka Dil Lohe Ke Haath
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