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  • 1964
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Stage To Thunder Rock is a Western movie released in 1964, directed by William F. Claxton and starring Barry Sullivan, Marilyn Maxwell, Scott Brady, and a few more notable actors of that time. The movie is set in the early 1880s, in a small town called Thunder Rock in the American West. The story revolves around Marshal Gideon Wyatt (played by Barry Sullivan), who is on a mission to escort a dangerous outlaw named Johnny Quatro (played by John Agar) to the nearest prison from Thunder Rock. The task at hand is no cakewalk, as it requires Marshal Wyatt to cover miles of dangerous terrain and face several unforgiving challenges.

He decides to avail the services of a local stagecoach run by a man named Mike Reno (played by Scott Brady) to transport the outlaw. The stagecoach will have a group of passengers, including the marshal himself and a beautiful cabaret dancer named Edith (played by Marilyn Maxwell), who has a secret past.

As the stagecoach begins its journey, the marshal's instincts tell him that something is amiss. He feels that someone is following them and trying to harm them. His hunch turns out to be correct as they are targeted by a group of bandits led by a mysterious figure named Taggart (played by Lon Chaney Jr). The bandits make several attempts to stop the stagecoach and free Johnny Quatro, but the marshal, along with Mike and the other passengers, manages to fend them off.

As the journey progresses, the passengers reveal their secrets, and the marshal begins to suspect them. He is convinced that one of them is working with the bandits to free the outlaw. With no one to trust and time running out, the marshal has to keep his wits about him to ensure that justice is served.

The movie's plot follows a typical Western formula, with a good guy trying to deliver a dangerous criminal and facing several obstacles along the way. However, what sets this movie apart is its stellar cast and their performances. Barry Sullivan, as the marshal, embodies the stoic, no-nonsense archetype of a Western hero, while Marilyn Maxwell brings a refreshing change with her character's complexity and backstory.

The supporting cast of the movie is equally impressive, with Scott Brady's portrayal of the stagecoach driver and Lon Chaney Jr's menacing presence as the bandit leader. The movie's cinematography is noteworthy, with several landscape shots capturing the beauty and harshness of the American West.

Overall, Stage To Thunder Rock is an entertaining Western movie of its time, with all the essential elements that made the genre so popular. The movie doesn't try to be different or experiment with the formula; instead, it relies on the strengths of its cast and showcases a well-executed storyline. If you're a fan of classic Western movies, this one is definitely worth a watch.

Stage To Thunder Rock
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