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"A comedy about a kid who goes from the mailroom to the boardroom by improving relations between a mover & a shaker."

The movie Strictly Business is a comedy that was directed by Kevin Hooks and stars actor/comedian Tommy Davidson, Joseph C. Phillips and Halle Berry. Tommy Davidson plays Bobby, a mail room clerk at a successful real estate firm. Bobby is not happy being just a mail clerk and has aspirations of moving up the ladder into a nice cushy position upstairs.

Bobby becomes upset when Gary, one of his peers, moves up the ranks because of his personal connection. Bobby then decides that he's going to move up the ranks using his ace in the hole, Mr. Waymon Tinsdale III. Waymon Tinsdale III, played by Joseph C. Phillips, is a young businessman on the rise. He is working on a big business deal which will ensure that he makes partner. Waymon's personal life is not so successful. He is dating a controlling materialistic social climber that he is not happy with.

While out to lunch, he meets Natalie, played by Halle Berry. Natalie is in the process of walking out on her job when she drops her things. Waymon helps her pick up her things, and she rushes out, leaving only a photo. When Waymon finds out that Bobby knows Natalie, he hounds Bobby about introducing him. Bobby says that he will take him to Natalie if Waymon will help get him into the trainee program.

While Waymon is out pursuing Natalie, his deal is being sabotaged. David, who really wants to see Waymon fail, has changed some numbers, causing Waymon to lose the deal he has worked so hard on. Bobby comes to the rescue when he brings in some big time friends of his who happen to own a bank. They sit down, crunch some numbers, and Waymon is able to close the deal. David is exposed as the one who sabotaged the deal, and Waymon is made partner.

| 1991 | 1 hr 23 min | 5.5/10
Tommy Davidson, Joseph C. Phillips, Anne-Marie Johnson, David Marshall Grant
Warner Home Video
Rolando Hudson, Kevin Hooks
Strictly Business

Also starring Joseph C. Phillips

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Strictly Business|2:01

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