Strictly Sexual

"A Love Story"
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Strictly Sexual is a romantic love story filled with comedy, released in the summer of 2008, about two women from Los Angeles, Donna and Christi, who are tired of the dating scene and trying to find dateable men to make a go at a relationship with, that they invite two men at their pool house for "strictly sexual" purposes. They soon learn that the men, Stanny and Joe, came from New York and are unemployed construction workers. Donna and Christi soon use the men's short comings to their benefit and offer Stanny and Joe the chance to move into their pool house in exchange for their "services". This movie is rated R, although it contains no nudity, it has many quirky sexual scenes full of comical situations. The main stars of this movie are Amber Benson, Johann Urb, Stevie Long and Kristen Kerr and was directed by Joel Viertel.

Strictly Sexual is one of those movies that will make you wish it was longer and have your eyes filled with tears of laughter and joy as you watch the characters "one night stand" turn into the love story they weren't looking for.

| 2008 | 1 hr 40 min | 6.3/10
Amber Benson, Johann Urb, Kristen Kerr, Stevie Long
DKZ Films, Hyphenate Films, Kambam-Ramnath-Weston Productions Strictly Xmd Productions
Joel Viertel
Strictly Sexual
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Also directed by Joel Viertel