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Stupidity is a documentary film that explores the phenomenon of stupidity, touching on the different forms it can take, the many ways it is expressed and how it can manifest in individuals and societies. The 2003 film features interviews with a wide variety of people, from academics and intellectuals to celebrities and everyday citizens, all discussing their views on stupidity and how they have experienced it in their lives.

One of the most notable figures featured in the film is former US President George W. Bush, who discusses his own experiences with stupidity and how he has seen it impact politics and society at large. Bush offers his own insights into what he believes are the causes of stupidity, suggesting that it is often rooted in ignorance or a lack of education.

Another prominent interviewee is linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky. Chomsky offers a more philosophical perspective on stupidity, discussing how it relates to human nature and evolution. He suggests that stupidity is not something that can be eradicated, but rather something that is inherent to the human condition.

Comedian and writer John Cleese also appears in the film, providing his own unique take on stupidity and how it has influenced his work over the years. Cleese discusses how he often uses stupidity as a comedic device, but also points out that it can be a serious problem in certain contexts.

Throughout the film, the director provides a range of examples and stories that illustrate different aspects of stupidity. These include funny and entertaining clips of people doing silly things, as well as more serious stories of individuals and groups engaging in harmful or dangerous behavior due to their own ignorance or lack of understanding.

The film also explores how stupidity is often perpetuated by institutions and systems, such as the media or education system. It questions how these entities may also be contributing to the problem, by propagating misinformation or failing to provide adequate education or critical thinking skills.

Overall, Stupidity is a thought-provoking and entertaining documentary that tackles a complex and difficult topic. It features a diverse range of perspectives and experiences that shed light on the many different aspects of stupidity, from the humorous to the serious. Whether you are looking for a good laugh or a deeper understanding of this perplexing human characteristic, Stupidity is a film that is sure to leave an impression.

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