Styx and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra

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  • 2006
  • 1 hr 53 min

Styx and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra is a unique and captivating documentary that follows the iconic rock band Styx as they collaborate with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra in Cleveland, Ohio. The film illuminates the journey that these musicians embarked on as they pushed the boundaries of rock and roll, and classical music.

Tommy Shaw, the lead vocalist and guitarist for Styx, is seen directing the orchestra alongside Liza Grossman, the founder and director of the Contemporary Youth Orchestra. As the film progress, we witness the musicians working tirelessly to create a fusion of rock and classical music.

The documentary explores the story and legacy of Styx, from their humble beginnings in Chicago to their chart-topping success in the 1980s. We see the band members reflect on their musical careers and how they have evolved over time. The film includes interviews with each member of the band, including Lawrence Gowan, who captured the intensity and energy of their live performances.

One of the key moments of the documentary is the final concert, where the band and the orchestra performed a selection of Styx's greatest hits, such as "Renegade," and "Come Sail Away." The concert was held in the opulent Severance Hall, one of the most prestigious concert halls in the United States. The fusion of rock and classical music was electrifying, and the crowd was spellbound by the music that was performed on the stage.

The documentary showcases the vast differences between rock and classical music, and how they can be combined to create something entirely new. The audience is given a unique insight into how the musicians work together, and the challenges they faced in bringing their respective music genres into harmony.

Overall, Styx and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra is an inspiring and uplifting documentary that celebrates the importance of music and its ability to cross cultural, generational, and linguistic boundaries. It is a must-watch for rock fans, classical music enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the transformative power of art.

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    1 hr 53 min