Sugar Boxx

Sugar Boxx takes inspiration from women-in-prision films and expands on it. The film takes place in a hellish black hole, also known as the Sugar State Women's Prison, where once sweet girls are driven to exhaustion in the swamps by day and to forcefully entertain the warden by night. This prison camp is ruled by sexual abuse, corruption, and brutality, but when reporter Valerie March (Geneviere Anderson) goes undercover, the real explosion takes place. Valerie gets a full introduction to prison life and is involved with everything from cat fights and whippings to rape and prostitution. She even gets a taste of Sugar State's infamous Hot Box. March uses everything as a stepping stone leading up to her and her fellow inmates twisted revenge on their captors. The road to freedom is paved by Valerie the reporter, a lusty matron, and a foul-mouthed hooker.

| 2009 | 1 hr 26 min | 3.6/10
Cody Jarrett
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Sugar Boxx

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