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  • 2006
  • 5.8  (74)

Super Noypi is a Filipino film from 2006 that combines elements of action, fantasy, and superhero genres. The movie stars Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras, and John Prats as three siblings who discover their latent superpowers and must use them to save their family and their city from an evil force. The film begins by introducing us to the three siblings: Macoy (Herras), Anna (Mercado), and Bogart (Prats). They live a relatively ordinary life, with Macoy working at their family's junk shop and Anna studying to become a doctor. However, their lives are turned upside down when a mysterious meteor crashes near their home, granting them each special powers.

Macoy discovers that he has super strength, Anna can control metal objects with her mind, and Bogart can become invisible. At first, the siblings struggle to control their powers and keep them hidden from their friends and family. However, they soon realize that they must use their abilities to stop an evil organization that seeks to exploit their powers for their own gain.

The villains of Super Noypi are led by Dr. Axis (played by Polo Ravales), a wheelchair-bound scientist who has developed a serum that can enhance human abilities. Dr. Axis and his henchmen seek to steal the siblings' powers and use them to create an army of super soldiers. The siblings must band together to stop Dr. Axis and his forces, all while keeping their powers a secret from their loved ones.

Super Noypi features plenty of action-packed scenes as the siblings battle Dr. Axis and his minions. Macoy uses his super strength to punch his way through walls and take down bad guys, while Anna demonstrates her abilities by controlling metal objects like cars and weapons. Bogart's invisibility proves to be a valuable asset, allowing him to sneak around undetected and take out enemies with surprise attacks.

Alongside the action, Super Noypi also explores the relationships between the siblings and their friends and family. There are touching moments between Macoy and his best friend Gelo (played by BJ Forbes), as well as some cute romantic scenes between Anna and her love interest Nico (played by Hero Angeles). In addition, the siblings must rely on their parents and their grandparents for support and guidance as they navigate their newfound powers and the dangers that come with them.

One of the strengths of Super Noypi is its use of Filipino mythology and culture. The film's setting in the Philippines is highlighted by references to local folklore and traditions, including a scene where the siblings seek the help of a local shaman to better understand their powers. This incorporation of Filipino culture adds an extra layer of depth to the story and helps to differentiate Super Noypi from other superhero films.

Another standout aspect of Super Noypi is its special effects. While the film was made on a relatively small budget, the filmmakers were able to create some impressive visuals, including scenes where Anna uses her powers to manipulate a swarm of metal objects or where Bogart disappears and reappears at will. The use of CGI and practical effects is impressive considering the limitations of the production.

Overall, Super Noypi is an entertaining and engaging superhero movie that showcases the talents of its young cast and offers a unique twist on the genre. It tells a story of family, friendship, and heroism, all while incorporating elements of Filipino culture and mythology. Whether you're a fan of action movies or superhero flicks, Super Noypi is definitely worth checking out.

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