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A photographer and his niece are taking pictures when Emperor Daidas comes to take over the planet. After seeing his third eye, Daidas' three generals (Zaigan, Bango, and Damaru) go in to kill the photographer. However, the Kakuranger come to defeat the generals. However, when the photographer and his niece are kidnapped again by two Yokai, the Kakuranger surrender, only to be shot by Zaigan. When it seems all hope is lost, the Kakuranger are joined by Dairanger, Zyuranger, Jetman, and Fiveman. When the three generals are defeated, the Sentai teams used their mecha to fight Daidas. They are losing until the photographer tells the team that the third eye must be Daidas' weakness. Daidas is destroyed after his eye is hit. The Super Sentai has won, and the short ends with the Kakuranger asking the audience to "Please be cheering for us, Super Sentai".

1994 | 9 min | 6.1/10
Katsuya Watanabe
Super Sentai World

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