Tarzan And His Mate

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"She traded civilization for the love of Tarzan... her mate!"
  • PG
  • 1934
  • 1 hr 44 min
  • 7.3  (5,444)

Tarzan And His Mate is an all-time classic adventure movie of the thirties starring Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, and Neil Hamilton. Directed by Cedric Gibbons, the movie features a heart-wrenching story about jungle life, love, and friendship. The movie starts with a couple of rich men, Martin and Holt, who are searching for ivory in the African jungle. They arrive at Tarzan's hut, where they find Jane in the company of Tarzan. Martin recognizes Jane and tells her that he has been searching for her. Jane had left her previous life in England because she was in love with Tarzan, and now, she is happy in the jungle, far away from civilization. However, Martin makes her an offer, which she accepts in good faith, to show them where the elephant graveyard is, where they can collect a huge load of ivory. Tarzan guides them through the jungle, and they eventually succeed in collecting the ivory. When they return, Martin takes advantage of Tarzan's absence, and sends his men out to raid Tarzan's hut, where they steal all his jungle possessions.

Tarzan returns to find his hut ransacked and his girlfriend Jane in serious trouble. To make matters worse, a dangerous group of natives is preparing to attack the group, and Tarzan must protect them. A dramatic jungle battle ensues, where Tarzan exhibits his exceptional strength and fighting skills to save his friends. Ultimately, the group is forced to flee the jungle with the help of a native safari guide, who has arrived with a group of pygmies willing to help them escape. However, even on their journey out of the jungle, they are hounded by the apparent greed of Martin's party, who attempt to steal the ivory and send Tarzan and Jane to an untimely demise.

The performance by Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan and Maureen O'Sullivan as Jane is remarkable. Johnny embodies the character of Tarzan perfectly; his muscular physique combined with a shy, childlike demeanor befitting of someone who grew up in a jungle. Maureen O'Sullivan, on the other hand, portrays Jane as a well-educated and independent woman who is comfortable living in a jungle. Her character is a good match for Weissmuller's Tarzan, as they share a bond that transcends all cultural differences. Neil Hamilton, who plays Martin as a greedy man only after the ivory, offers a nice contrast to the honest and kind Tarzan.

The movie offers a glimpse into a world that is now long gone. The vast and dense African jungle is beautifully captured in stunning black and white cinematography. The movie is captivating right from the opening scene, primarily because of the extremely high production values of the movie. The filmmakers shot the movie in actual tropical settings, and the jungle scenes are shot with skill and precision.

Overall, Tarzan and His Mate is a classic and a must-watch movie for all adventure movie enthusiasts. It has all the necessary elements of a great movie; love, strength, action, and breath-taking jungle scenery. The movie is a great example of the movies made in the Golden Age of Hollywood, where the production value of movies was truly impeccable. Tarzan and His Mate is an unforgettable adventure movie that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who watches it.

Tarzan And His Mate
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    7.3  (5,444)