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Tarzan II is the story of Tarzan growing up with the apes. The story fills the gap in the first Tarzan movie. It starts by showing Tarzan as a young boy that is scared that monster Zugor will kidnap him and keep him away from his family. He is upset because he is not as good at the same things that other young apes are and struggles to prove himself. During one of his attempts to prove himself, an accident happens. This leads the entire family to believe that he is dead. Instead of alerting the family that he is okay, he runs away thinking that it is best that the family thinks that he is dead. Since he ran far from home, he is attacked by Sabor. Sabor is the leopard that attacked and killed his parents.

In fleeing from Sabor, he discovers the Dark Mountain which is the home of three gorillas. There are two brothers and their mom who quickly capture Tarzan. They refuse to let Tarzan leave. Zugor’s booming voice roars across the jungle, scaring both Uto and Kago, the two gorilla brothers, which allows Tarzan to escape. During his escape he runs into Zugor who turns out to be just a grumpy old gorilla. He convinces Zugor to let him stay by threatening to tell everyone in the jungle who he is. To keep both his territory and his food, Zugor allows him to stay and quickly bonds to him.

The movie ends when Terk and Tantor, Tarzan’s best friends, convince him to come home. He realizes that he needs to be himself and come up with his own things that he is good at. Tarzan also realizes that he needs to stop comparing himself to everyone else. Young Tarzan tells Kala that he does feel as though he is apart of the family.

| 2005 | 1 min | 5.6/10
Harrison Chad, George Carlin, Brad Garrett, Ron Perlman
Brian Smith
Produced By
Carolyn Bates

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