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  • 2013
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Terms And Conditions May Apply is a 2013 documentary film that focuses on the various privacy-related issues that arise as a result of internet usage. The documentary is directed by Cullen Hoback and features interviews with a range of experts, including Mark Zuckerberg, Moby, and privacy activist Max Schrems. The film introduces the idea that most people today agree to terms and conditions without actually reading them. The documentary starts with the use of Facebook's terms and conditions as an example. The documentary reveals that Facebook's terms and conditions remain unclear, and users who accept Facebook's terms and conditions accept allowing Facebook to collect their data, with a lack of remedial response. The documentary criticizes Facebook for collecting more data on users than they tell you, eventually revealing that Facebook's ownership to your personal data may amount to consent without the knowledge of the user.

The documentary goes on to investigate the ways that companies collect personal information and how they use this information for their benefit. The documentary raises concerns around how companies use cookies to store users' personal data, including details of browsing activities and how companies use this data to create targeted advertising. The film shows how this practice erodes the privacy of users and opens them up to exploitation.

The documentary also examines how government organizations and intelligence agencies have increasingly sought access to personal data, citing the Patriot Act as an example of such exercises. The film describes government intervention involving data companies, where data companies are legally responsible for protecting personal data while being punished for not releasing it to government agencies.

The film highlights how social media platforms like Facebook hold a lot of data about its users, and how this data can be used against them. It also draws attention to the risks of using free email services such as Gmail, stating that Google scans users' emails for the automation of its advertisement services.

Terms And Conditions May Apply further examines the use of smartphones and how they collect personal data, such as location and contact information, and how they communicate this data back to the company. The documentary concludes that the use of mobile phones can be considered involuntary consent for companies to use user data to profit.

The film preaches that users should be aware of their online activities, and the potential damage that personal data leaks can cause individual privacy. The documentary reiterates that before consent is granted, users should learn about the conditions under which their data is collected, stored, and used to avoid exploitation by tech companies. It begs people to understand the unintentional consequence of their decisions.

Overall, Terms And Conditions May Apply is a thought-provoking film that uncovers the harms caused by blindly accepting the terms and conditions of tech companies. It highlights how this practice poses serious privacy concerns for users who are unaware of the potential risks. The film is a timely reminder for individuals to consider carefully the impact that their online activities have on their privacy and how they interact with these online terms and conditions in the digital age.

Terms And Conditions May Apply
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