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"Animated to kill."
  • R
  • 2002
  • 1 hr 15 min
  • 3.0  (1,095)

Terror Toons is a horror-comedy film from 2002 that has been described as a "ridiculous" and "insane" piece of cinema. The movie follows a young woman named Megan who unknowingly brings a cursed DVD into her home. When she and her friends decide to watch the DVD, they are transported into a twisted cartoon world where they must face off against grotesque and murderous caricatures.

The movie is directed by Joe Castro and stars Beverly Lynne in the lead role of Megan. Lynne is a well-known figure in the world of B-movies and has appeared in several low-budget horror films throughout her career. Lizzy Borden, another B-movie regular, plays a supporting role in the film as a neighbor of Megan's who is mysteriously killed early on in the story. Brandon Ellison and Kaycee round out the main cast as Megan's friends who join her in the fight against the demonic cartoons.

From the opening credits, it's clear that Terror Toons is not meant to be taken seriously. The film begins with a cartoon sequence that features a demonic clown, a chainsaw-wielding maniac, and a giant eyeball singing a song about "terror toons". It's a bizarre and unsettling opening that sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

Once the live-action portion of the film begins, it becomes clear that the acting and dialogue will not be the strong points of this movie. The characters are all two-dimensional stereotypes, and the dialogue is often cheesy and over-the-top. However, this is all intentional, and the film's creators seem to be fully aware of how silly their movie is.

The main draw of Terror Toons, of course, is the cartoons themselves. Once the characters are transported into the animated world, they are faced with a variety of twisted and grotesque creatures. One of the standout characters is a bunny rabbit named Dr. Carnage who carries around a jar of body parts and likes to taunt his victims before killing them. There's also a giant lizard named Hack Benjamin who wields a chainsaw and has a catchphrase of "let's do this thing".

The animation itself is not particularly impressive, but it's clear that the filmmakers were going for a deliberately crude and rough style. The cartoons are all extremely violent, and there is a lot of blood and gore throughout the film. Despite the relentless violence, the film never takes itself too seriously, and there are plenty of moments of dark humor sprinkled throughout.

While Terror Toons is certainly not a high-quality or well-crafted movie, it's clear that the filmmakers had a lot of fun making it. There's a sense of infectious enthusiasm and wild creativity that permeates the entire film. The movie is full of bizarre and memorable moments, from a human-sized mouse trap to a scene where a character is repeatedly beaten with a giant cartoon hammer.

Ultimately, whether or not you'll enjoy Terror Toons will depend on your tolerance for low-budget and intentionally over-the-top horror movies. If you're looking for a serious, well-crafted horror film, this is not the movie for you. However, if you're in the mood for a ridiculous and insane piece of cinema that revels in its own absurdity, you might just find yourself enjoying this bizarre and gleefully violent film.

Terror Toons
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