The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell

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  • R
  • 2006
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 3.8  (510)

The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell is a unique and obscure comedy film released in 2006. The film is directed and written by Jonny Gillette and Kevin Wheatley, who also stars in the movie. The film’s genre is post-apocalyptic satire and revolves around a group of people, who are the last ones alive after World War III.

The movie starts with an animated sequence that sets the tone for the rest of the film, where a young girl named Robot (played by Rachel Ann Mullins) sings a song about the end of the world. The sequence is bright and energetic, which contrasts in a humorous way with the aftermath of the war that the movie portrays.

The characters in the movie are unique and charismatic. The lead character, Tex Kennedy (played by Kevin Wheatley), is a charismatic cowboy-like figure with a heart of gold. He's also known as the most dangerous man alive. Another character, an obese man named Anton (played by Richard Riehle), is the last surviving scientist and has a few surprises up his sleeve.

These characters, along with other peculiar figures, live in a shack by the seashore. They spend their days throwing a beach party, smoking grass, and drinking beer while waiting for salvation from the world outside. They are visited by a group of Amazon-like women who are the fierce protectors of their tribe. The women are led by an intimidating figure, Medusa (played by Paul Whitty). They inform the group that they will be used for procreation purposes.

As the group grapples with the decision of leaving for a better future, they are visited by the ghosts of famous dead celebrities like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, who offer them their advice and wisdom. They also come across dark forces and twisted characters, leading them to make some tough decisions.

The film is shot on a small budget, but it still manages to impress with its visuals, thanks to Jonny Gillette and Marc Rocco’s work on the cinematography. The film's colors are bright and vivid, portraying the post-apocalyptic world in an interesting way, which adds to the satirical nature of the film.

The movie's soundtrack is one of its strongest assets. It features an eclectic mix of songs from bands and artists, such as The Fleshtones, Human Sexual Response, Sextus, and Frank Meyer. The songs match the mood of the film, and at times, they add to the humor of the film.

Overall, The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell is a movie that is hard to categorize. It is part comedy, part satire, part dystopian fiction, and part musical. It defies convention and somehow manages to work in its own unique way. While it isn’t for everyone, those that enjoy something a little off the beaten path will likely find it refreshing. The movie boasts some unique and entertaining performances, good use of music, and impressive visuals, considering the budget. The movie is not too long or too short, with a runtime of just under two hours, making it a perfect watch for a lazy afternoon.

The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell
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    3.8  (510)