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  • TV-MA
  • 2003
  • 1 hr 32 min

The movie The Big Bang, released in 2011, is a neo-noir thriller that focuses on the story of a private detective named Ned Cruz, played by Antonio Banderas. The movie is directed by Tony Krantz and features a cast that also includes Heather Joy Budner, Justin Capaz, and Madeline Vail. The story revolves around Ned Cruz, a tough and fearless private detective, who is hired by a wealthy boxer named Anton "The Pro" Protopov, played by Robert Maillet. Anton hires Ned to find his girlfriend, Lexie Persimmon, played by Sienna Guillory, whom he believes has been kidnapped. Ned takes on the job, but he soon realizes that the case is more complicated than he initially thought.

As Ned digs deeper into the case, he discovers that Lexie is not just any ordinary girl, but a nuclear physicist who has developed a secret formula that could change the fate of mankind. Her formula is highly coveted by a mysterious billionaire named Simon Kestral, played by Sam Elliott, who will stop at nothing to obtain it.

Ned's investigation leads him to a series of clues that take him on a wild goose chase throughout Los Angeles. Along the way, he meets a variety of eccentric characters, including a waitress named Fay Neman, played by Heather Joy Budner, who becomes his unlikely accomplice. Ned's path also crosses with that of a seedy porn producer named Puss, played by James Van Der Beek, who has some information that could help him crack the case.

As Ned gets closer to the truth, he finds himself in increasingly dangerous situations. He is pursued by a group of assassins who are after the formula as well, and he has to use all of his skills and wits to stay alive. Along the way, Ned comes to realize that he may not be the only one who is after Lexie and her formula.

The Big Bang is a visually stunning movie with a complex plot that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The movie is shot in a stylized manner, with bold colors, clever camera angles, and imaginative visuals that reflect the movie's noir roots. It is also a movie that has a lot of heart, thanks to the performances of its actors.

Antonio Banderas is charismatic and believable as the hard-boiled private detective, and he brings a sense of humor and vulnerability to his character. Heather Joy Budner is a standout as Fay, the waitress who dreams of becoming an actress. She is tough, funny, and endearing, and she shares great chemistry with Banderas.

Justin Capaz and Madeline Vail, who play supporting roles in the movie, also turn in solid performances. Capaz plays Ned's police contact, and he is both competent and likable. Vail plays a woman who Ned meets early on in the movie, and she is mysterious and alluring.

Overall, The Big Bang is a movie that delivers on its promise of being a thrilling and engaging neo-noir experience. It combines elements of action, adventure, and mystery to create a unique and unforgettable movie that is sure to satisfy fans of the genre. The movie's blend of humor, heart, and excitement makes it a must-see for anyone who loves a good thriller.

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