The Boulet Brothers Dragula, Season 3, Episode 2

Watch The Boulet Brothers Dragula, Season 3, Episode 2

  • 2019
  • 48 hr

The Boulet Brothers Dragula, Season 3, Episode 2 is a reality TV competition show that follows a group of drag queens as they compete in a series of challenges, all in hopes of being crowned the next Dragula superstar. This particular episode begins with the contestants being introduced to their main challenge for the week - a horror-themed photoshoot. The drag queens must come up with their own unique look and pose for a series of photos that will be judged by the Boulet Brothers and a guest judge.

Throughout the episode, the contestants struggle to come up with their looks, with some finding inspiration in classic horror movies, while others opt for more abstract or avant-garde looks. They also face a mini-challenge, where they must perform in a burlesque show and show off their dance moves.

As the contestants work on their looks and practice their routines, tensions begin to rise between some of them. This creates a sense of drama and conflict, adding an extra layer of excitement to the show.

After the photoshoot and burlesque performances, the contestants face the judges, who offer their critiques and feedback on each of the looks and performances. One by one, the contestants are called forward and either praised for their excellence or critiqued for their shortcomings.

Finally, the winner of the challenge is announced, with the victorious contestant earning immunity from the next challenge. The bottom performers are then called forward, with one drag queen ultimately being eliminated from the competition.

Overall, The Boulet Brothers Dragula, Season 3, Episode 2 is an exciting and thrilling episode of this popular reality TV competition show. With plenty of drama, amazing looks, and entertaining performances, it's a must-watch for anyone who loves drag and horror.

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    48 hr