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The Boys of St. Vincent is a dramatic film based on the true story about sexual abuse that occurred at an orphanage in Canada. The child abuse took place at a Catholic institution and was a part of the huge sex abuse scandal that hit the Church. Many orphans who lived in the orphanage were sexually abused by the priests who were supposed to be taking care of them.

The film focuses on one orphan in particular, Reevey. Reevey is targeted by Brother Peter Lavin who runs the orphanage. Reevey grows up tormented by the abuse he has experienced at the hands of those who were supposed to protect him. Brother Lavin is focused solely on making sure evidence of his crimes are covered up. Reevey decides that the only way to escape the abuse is to run away from the orphanage. He tries to flee but is found by concerned police officers sent by Brother Lavin. They return Reevey to the orphanage. Brother Lavin tries to abuse Reevey again but this time Reevey runs out of the room. Lavin is so furious at Reevey that he ends up beating him.

Reevey is not the only boy at the orphanage who is subjected to Brother Lavin’s abuses. Stephen and Brian are a pair of brothers that live there and Brother Lavin often goes after Stephen as well. Brian tries his best to protect his brother. Brian is able to grow up and lead a normal life, even getting married and having children of his own. Stephen’s life, however, has been ruined by the abuse. Stephen has turned into an abuser himself. He ends up abusing little boys and becoming a severe drug addict. When Brother Lavin finally faces a trial, Stephen is so embarrassed by the truth coming out that he takes his own life. Reevey ends up telling everyone the truth.

| 1991 | 1 hr 30 min | 7.7/10
Henry Czerny, Johnny Morina, Brian Dooley, Philip Dinn
John N. Smith
The Boys of St. Vincent

Also directed by John N. Smith

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