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  • 2001
  • 7.5  (468)

The movie was a Finnish documentary written and directed by Hannu Pottenen. Mares OY and ADR Productions made the historical documentary film to provide the overview of the Linux language and those individuals that came up with the original source code. The documentary provides viewers with the innovators of the latest computer language used in the late twentieth century. The key people interviewed for the documentary are the following: Jon "maddog" Hall, Ari Lemmke, Eric Allman, Eric Raymond, David S. Miller, Alan Cox, Nil Torvalds (papa), Linus Torvalds, and many other brilliant men that work on computer languages. The documentary was made for the Finland television and Europe, however to learn about the history of the source code of the "kernel" used by the Linux language this documentary is done with English subtitles. On the hand, there are only a few people speaking in the movie in their own language including the scene of employees from the Linux Corporation in China. The documentary film is rated as G for the general audience to view.

The people that are known in the film are from the computer savvy world as geeks or hackers are considered to be the backbone of the code used in the Linux operating system. The Internet which everyone now uses on a daily basis not only as a way to communicate but still uses the concept of free market enterprises across the globe. The idea behind the project was to design cheap hardware and to solve common computer problems for everyone that had access to a computer throughout the world. Fortunately, Linus Torvald believed in the concept of doing what was right by sharing with others in the computer technology world that Linux can be used as a blueprint for other computer languages and be the base code for other computer operating systems into the next century.

The Code
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