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  • 1915
  • 10 hr
  • 0.0  (22)

The Dust of Egypt is a silent film from 1915 that tells the story of Mark Embury, a wealthy Englishman who is forced to flee from Egypt after being framed for a crime he didn't commit. Along the way, he falls in love with a beautiful woman named Zara. The movie stars Antonio Moreno as Mark Embury, Edith Storey as Zara, and Hughie Mack as the villainous Ibrahim. While the film was made over a hundred years ago, its themes of love, betrayal, and redemption are still relatable to audiences today.

The movie opens with Mark Embury arriving in Egypt to take up a government post. He is immediately drawn to Zara, but she is engaged to the powerful and wealthy Ibrahim. Despite this, Mark and Zara continue to meet in secret and fall deeply in love.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim is plotting to frame Mark for a robbery. He steals a valuable diamond and plants it in Mark's room, and then alerts the authorities. Mark is arrested and put on trial, but he is able to prove his innocence and is released.

However, Mark is still in danger. Ibrahim is determined to see him dead and hires a group of assassins to take him out. Mark and Zara flee across the desert, pursued by the assassins and with little hope of escape.

The Dust of Egypt is notable for its stunning location photography. The film was shot on location in Egypt, and the desert vistas and ancient ruins provide a breathtaking backdrop for the action. The film also features several impressive action set pieces, including a climactic gun battle on a moving train.

Despite its age, The Dust of Egypt remains an entertaining and suspenseful film. The chemistry between Moreno and Storey is palpable, and the performances by the entire cast are strong. The film also boasts a memorable score that adds to the tension and drama on screen.

One of the film's most interesting aspects is its portrayal of Egyptian culture. While the movie does fall into some stereotypes and exoticization, it also presents a nuanced and sympathetic view of the country and its people. Ibrahim, for example, is not simply a one-dimensional villain, but a complex character with his own motivations and desires.

Overall, The Dust of Egypt is a compelling and entertaining film that deserves to be better known. It may be over 100 years old, but its themes and characters are still relevant today. Fans of classic cinema and adventure films will find much to enjoy in this forgotten gem.

The Dust of Egypt is a 1915 comedy with a runtime of 10 hours.

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