The Eagle's Killer

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  • 1981
  • 1 hr 30 min

The Eagles Killer is a Kung-Fu movie done in the classic Chinese style of the early 70's. The plot centers around a highly trained and skilled assassin trying to take down a master of the Eagle Claw Kung-Fu technique. But, in order to succeed in his mission, the assassin must first master the deadly arts of Eagle Fist Kung-Fu. The assassin seeks out the grandmaster of Eagle Fist Kung-Fu, so that he may learn every last one of its dark secrets, and therefore have the greatest chance of completing his mission.

The master trains him well until the assassin has honed himself into an even deadlier weapon once his training is complete. He seeks out his target, and they begin an epic duel to the death which takes every ounce of knowledge, skill, stamina and strength. The assassin has to subdue his target when he succeeds by utilizing the ancient knowledge of the Eagle Fist Death Touch that instantly stops his victim's heart rendering the body lifeless. With the assignment completed, the assassin feels no remorse or regret of any kind as the duel was not an act of revenge or hatred; it was merely a business arrangement that has come to its logical conclusion.

The movie displays the true art of combat when the highlight scene shows what happens when two skilled warriors engage in combat; there can only be one warrior lives and the other will die in this film. The warrior that had the better skills managed to survive and live to fight another day. The one that lost his concentration or hesitated for a fraction of a second met his end at the hands of a superior opponent, who did not hesitate and did not lose concentration. With the slightest tinge of luck, even the greatest warrior can be beaten by even the weakest opponent on any given day, and the warrior needs to be prepared for anything.

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  • Runtime
    1 hr 30 min