The FJ Holden

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"The FJ Holden" is a film from the year of 1977. Kevin and Bob are driving around Sydney in Kevin's "FJ Holden" in an attempt to pick up women. Kevin runs into Anne at a party and she lets him drive her home, with Bob coming along for both rides. When Kevin and Anne realize that they have a something, they decide to give dating a try; with Bob always watching the more intimate moments. Things come to a head when Kevin must choose between Bob or Anne.

"The FJ Holden" has a running time of one hour, 35 minutes.

1977 | 1 hr 45 min | 5.5/10
Paul Couzens, Carl Stever, Gary Waddell, Karlene Rogerson
Michael Thornhill
Produced By
Michael Thornhill
The FJ Holden
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Also directed by Michael Thornhill