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  • NR
  • 2008
  • 1 hr 13 min
  • 4.3  (42)

The Gatekeeper is a 2008 supernatural horror film that follows Len Murray, a skeptical journalist who finds himself haunted by a malevolent entity after investigating the death of a renowned professor. The film stars Craig Kelly as Len Murray, Tim Downie as his colleague Richard Bergman, Todd Boyce as the deceased professor James Barrow, and Stacey Daly as the mysterious psychic medium who aids Len in his quest to uncover the truth.

The movie begins with Len, a seasoned journalist, attending the funeral of Professor James Barrow, who died under mysterious circumstances. Len is reluctant to cover Barrow's death, as he is not a believer in the supernatural and dismisses the idea of ghosts and spirits. His colleague Richard, however, convinces him to pursue the story, arguing that the public is interested in such topics.

Len's initial investigation leads him to meet a psychic medium named Anne, who claims to be able to communicate with Barrow's spirit. Anne tells Len that Barrow was investigating a dark force, which she refers to as a "gatekeeper," that was summoned from the other side by a group of misguided individuals. Anne warns Len that the gatekeeper is now after him and that he must stay vigilant to avoid being possessed.

Len's skepticism is further challenged when he repeatedly encounters eerie occurrences, including eerie noises, apparitions, and strange writings on his office wall. As he delves deeper into Barrow's research, Len realizes that the professor's findings may have put him in danger. He visits Barrow's office, where he uncovers a hidden room that contains a book with arcane symbols and references to demonology.

With the help of Anne, Len tries to solve the mystery of the gatekeeper and uncovers a gruesome conspiracy involving a shadowy organization that wants to summon an ancient demon known as Belial. The organization's leader, a wealthy businessman named Simon Marshall, seeks to harness Belial's power for his own benefit and sacrifices Barrow to initiate the ritual that will open the gate to the other side.

Len races against time to stop the organization from completing the ritual and releasing Belial, but he is hindered by Marshall's hired assassins, who are sent to eliminate him and Anne. Len and Anne are pursued through the city's dark alleys and tunnels, dodging bullets and spells, while trying to reach the site of the ritual before it's too late.

The Gatekeeper is a thrilling horror film that combines elements of possession and supernatural horror with a conspiracy thriller. The film boasts solid performances from its cast, particularly Craig Kelly as the skeptical journalist who gradually becomes a believer. Tim Downie adds humor and quirky charm to the film as Len's colleague Richard, who is unapologetically fascinated by the paranormal.

The movie's pacing is effective, with tense action scenes that keep the audience on edge and creepy moments that make the skin crawl. The film's depiction of a malevolent entity that can possess humans and cause them to commit gruesome acts is particularly chilling and adds a psychological layer to the horror.

The Gatekeeper also features impressive visual effects, particularly in the scenes involving magic spells and supernatural phenomena. The use of practical effects and makeup add a sense of authenticity and gritty realism to the movie.

In conclusion, The Gatekeeper is a must-watch for horror fans who enjoy a good conspiracy thriller with a supernatural twist. The film's intriguing plot, solid performances, and chilling atmosphere make for a satisfying viewing experience.

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    1 hr 13 min
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    4.3  (42)