The Gleaners and I

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This is a documentary movie about the poor in the country of France. It takes a close up look at pickers and gleaners. Pickers are people who recycle non-food items. They search trash cans, and dumps to make their living. They reuse and recycle these bits of trash into usable items. They also sell them for money. Gleaners are people who look for food. In the countryside, they pick produce from farms. For any of several reasons, there is sometimes food left in farm fields. These people go through and find these leftovers to either eat or sell.

Each group lives in poverty. This documentary focuses on their poverty in a land of plenty.

Not Rated
| 2000 | 1 hr 22 min | 7.7/10 | 83/100
Jean La Planche, Bodan Litnanski, Agnès Varda, François Wertheimer
Agns Varda
The Gleaners and I
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