The Gods Must Be Crazy II

"This Time, Everybody's Going Crazier."

The movie The Gods Must be Crazy II is the sequel to the first movie in this series. Both movies are comedies. This movie is split into four different stories. In one story the God named Xixo is searching for his children. They seem to have disappeared from the village. The next segment has two men who are elephant poaches that are driving through the area in a truck. Xixo’s children explore the truck and it leaves with them still on it. The third story tells about a lawyer and a zoologist whose plane crashes leaving them in the middle of the desert. The final story tells about two soldiers who are fighting with each other.

The movie starts off with the elephant poachers who find themselves in the tribal land of Xixo’s people. His children find their truck interesting and climb in. The men leave not knowing the children are in the truck. Xixo follows the men by foot and demand his children back.

While that is happening, a lawyer named Ann is giving a lecture at a bush clinic. She and a young man go sightseeing in his small plane. Along the way they meet Dr. Marshall. The plane they are traveling in crashes and they are left stuck in the Kalahari Desert. At this time a lost Cuban solider and his enemy are starting to fight.

At one point or another during this movie all the characters come in contact with Xixo and his children. The poachers end up with all the characters in captive. Xixo manages to escape. One of the poachers turns out to be a nice person and tells him where he can find his children. The other poacher who is a mean man gets captured by the group. Both soldiers compromise and stop trying to fight each other. Ann and Dr. Marshall end up returning to the civilized world in which they were from. Xixo and his children are happily reunited.

| 1990 | 1 hr 38 min | 6.9/10
N!xau, Lena Farugia, Hans Strydom, Eiros
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Jamie Uys
The Gods Must Be Crazy II
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