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"He's footy's most forward full forward!"
  • 1975
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 5.2  (66)

The Great Macarthy is a 1975 Australian film directed by David Baker and starring John Jarratt, Judy Morris, and Kate Fitzpatrick. The movie tells the story of Macarthy, a young Australian boxer, who is recruited to fight in London by a shady promoter. The movie revolves around Macarthy's experiences in London, as he fights his way to the top and struggles to keep his integrity intact.

The movie opens with Macarthy working as a bricklayer in Australia, dreaming of becoming a professional boxer. His chance comes when he is recruited by a promoter named Red (played by Barry Humphries) to fight in London. Macarthy is initially hesitant, but the promise of a large sum of money persuades him to take the offer.

In London, Macarthy is introduced to his trainer, Eddie, a bitter and cynical former boxer who becomes his mentor. Eddie, played by Robert Bruning, is a complex character who has seen the dark side of the boxing world and tries to protect Macarthy from the same fate. Macarthy's love interest, Lisa, is a British journalist who becomes involved with him but whose career ambitions conflict with his aspirations.

As Macarthy begins his professional career, he quickly rises through the ranks, impressing the crowds with his speed and agility. However, he soon discovers that the world of professional boxing is not as glamorous as it seems. He is forced to face brutal opponents, some of whom fight dirty, and faces pressure to compromise his integrity for monetary gain.

Throughout the movie, Macarthy grapples with his moral compass, trying to balance his ambition with his sense of right and wrong. While he enjoys the perks that come with fame and fortune, he is also aware of the violence and corruption that exists in the boxing world.

The Great Macarthy is an interesting and well-made movie that explores the complexities of professional boxing. The movie delves into the issues of integrity, fame, and ambition, and includes some powerful scenes that illustrate both the glory and the brutality of the sport.

One of the major strengths of the movie is its portrayal of the relationship between Macarthy and Eddie. The dynamic between the two characters is complex and nuanced, with Eddie acting as a mentor and father figure to Macarthy. Their interactions provide some of the most emotionally charged moments in the film.

Another strong point of the movie is its focus on Lisa's character. As a journalist, she is an outsider in the world of boxing, allowing her to provide an objective perspective on the sport. Her relationship with Macarthy adds an interesting dimension to the plot, highlighting the tension between personal relationships and professional ambition.

Overall, The Great Macarthy is a compelling drama that explores important themes and features strong performances from its cast. It is an excellent example of Australian cinema from the 1970s that has stood the test of time.

The Great Macarthy
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    1 hr 30 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    5.2  (66)