The Horn Blows at Midnight

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"The curfew blows at midnight but the laughs go on forever!!!"
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  • 1945
  • 1 hr 17 min
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The Horn Blows at Midnight is a 1945 fantasy-comedy movie starring the legendary comedian Jack Benny. The film revolves around Benny, who plays the role of a minor angel named Athanael, tasked with sounding the final trumpet to signal the end of the world. The movie opens with Athanael sitting on a cloud, playing a trumpet while waiting for his big moment. However, he soon learns that his imminent call has been postponed indefinitely. He is then sent to Earth to become the guardian angel of a struggling musician named Dexter (played by Robert Blake).

Despite Athanael's best efforts to help Dexter succeed, his good deeds only make things worse, leading to a series of hilarious mishaps. Meanwhile, in the world above, God (played by Guy Kibbee) and his top angel, Osidro (played by Allyn Joslyn), are planning a war against Satan (played by Reginald Gardiner) and the demons, who are causing trouble on Earth.

As Athanael falls deeper and deeper in love with his assignment, he starts to question his own motives and loyalty to his celestial duties. The story takes a dramatic turn when Athanael accidentally blows the final trumpet, signaling the end of the world.

The Horn Blows at Midnight is a light-hearted and entertaining film that showcases Jack Benny's comedic talent. The movie is also notable for its impressive special effects, considering its release in 1945.

The film features a talented cast with Alexis Smith starring as the femme fatale, and Dolores Moran as Dexter's love interest. The chemistry between the characters is remarkable, and their performances are top-notch.

The Horn Blows at Midnight may not be a classic in the same vein as Benny's TV or radio work, but the movie has its own charm. The humor is gentle, but the laughs come quickly and regularly.

The Horn Blows at Midnight is a product of its time, with dated special effects and some questionable humor, but it remains a beloved movie to this day. The movie also features some memorable musical numbers, including "When Television Comes" and "Baby, You'll Get Yours."

Overall, The Horn Blows at Midnight is a lighthearted comedy that showcases Jack Benny's comedic chops. The story is entertaining, and the special effects are impressive for its time. This is a movie that is sure to delight audiences of all ages.

The Horn Blows at Midnight
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