The Kill-Off

"Gossip Can Kill"
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The Kill-Off is a neo-noir film set in a suburban town in the state of New Jersey. Things are quite mundane and quite bleak, as the only source of entertainment with respect to nightlife is a nightclub that operates in the town. Desiring the heat things up quite a bit, the owner, Pete, makes the decision to hire a very voluptuous and flirtatious stripper named Danny Lee. While performing one night, Danny Lee captures the eye of Ralph, a man with an ill wife at home while he is enjoying the nights out. Once Ralph's wife begins to suspect acts of cheating on the horizon, she begins to defame the name of Danny Lee, and begin spreading lavish stories.

1991 | 1 hr 50 min | 6.1/10
Loretta Gross, Andrew Lee Barrett, Jackson Sims, Steve Monroe
Maggie Greenwald
Produced By
Lydia Dean Pilcher
The Kill-Off
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