The Last Days of Michael Jackson

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  • 2018
  • 2 hr
  • 3.4  (89)

The Last Days of Michael Jackson is a documentary film released in 2018, directed by Jacques Peretti. This film offers an intimate insight into the final moments of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, before his sudden and untimely death in 2009. The film features exclusive interviews of those who knew Jackson the best, his family members and close friends, giving viewers an insight into the man behind the legend.

The film is both a celebration of his musical legacy and a candid exploration of his final days, from his rehearsals for the This Is It tour to his struggles with chronic insomnia, resulting in the use of powerful drugs.

The documentary features a range of people whose lives were touched by Michael Jackson, including lifelong friends like Frank Cascio, choreographer and actress Debbie Allen, and music journalist Chris Connelly. These individuals provide their own recollections of Jackson's last days and his larger-than-life personality.

We are taken on a journey of how the media portrayed the iconic pop star, including the controversies surrounding his personal life and allegations of child abuse. Though the film doesn't probe much into these specific allegations, it does cover how they affected Michael's life and career, adding to the accumulation of his problems as he approached the end of his life.

The documentary also explores Jackson's turbulent personal life, with testimonies from his close associates on his coping mechanisms, and how they played a significant role in his final days. Despite his immense talent and success, the film reveals a man haunted by personal demons, balancing the pressure of fame against the overwhelming level of scrutiny he was under.

The Last Days of Michael Jackson is rich in archival footage, including interviews with Jackson, his performances, and his rehearsals. We learn about the massive scale of the This Is It tour, which was to be his grand return to the stage after several years. The documentary displays rehearsal footage with a glimpse into the sheer effort and talent that went into Jackson's performances, providing viewers with an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look into his process.

The film attempts to humanize Michael Jackson, portraying him as a man struggling with his life, health, and the immense pressure of being a global superstar. It offers never-seen-before footage of him instructing his dancers during rehearsals, capturing his perfectionism and attention to detail.

The documentary features interviews with Jackson’s family, particularly his mother Katherine Jackson, who provides a mother's perspective of her son's life and struggles, and a close friend, who had insights on the late star's emotional state during his final days.

Overall, The Last Days of Michael Jackson offers a vivid and insightful look into the final years of one of the most iconic and polarizing figures in pop culture history. It's a touching tribute to the life of a deeply beloved and misunderstood artist whose legacy still resonates with fans worldwide. The film takes viewers on a journey through Michael Jackson's private life, struggles and offers new insight into one of the most famous people the world has ever known.

In conclusion, The Last Days of Michael Jackson is a must-watch film for fans of the music icon, and anyone interested in understanding his complicated and often difficult life. This documentary is not only a reflection of how Michael Jackson was perceived by the media and the public, but a reminder of the personal struggles he faced in his final days. It illuminates how the pop star who seemed so invincible on stage was a troubled person dealing with intense pressures that eventually led to his tragic death.

The Last Days of Michael Jackson
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