The Last Glaciers

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"A final warning from the mountains"
  • 2022
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • 8.5  (38)

The Last Glaciers is a breathtaking documentary that takes you on a journey across some of the world's last remaining glaciers. The film is a culmination of years of work by some of the most dedicated and passionate scientists and adventurers, exploring these majestic ice formations to better understand their fragile and volatile nature.

The cast of the film includes renowned environmentalist Craig Leeson, Arctic explorer Dave Turner, and glaciologist Cherise Tuttle, who leads the scientific charge. The trio embarks on a perilous expedition across some of the world's most remote and treacherous glaciers, collecting vital data on their physical activity, erosion, and melting patterns. The film covers four main glaciers known to be melting faster than most others around the world, including Greenland's Jakobshavn, the Vatnajokull in Iceland, the Rhone Glacier in the Swiss Alps, and the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand.

The journey begins in Greenland, where the team witnesses the Jakobshavn glacier calving, a rare and awe-inspiring phenomenon where massive chunks of ice break off and crash into the ocean. The team then moves on to Iceland, where they scale the Vatnajokull and trek across an ice cave to collect samples of the ice structures' composition. They also examine the surrounding environment and its impact on the glacier, such as the volcanic activity that lies beneath.

The Swiss Alps offer another set of challenges as the team is confronted by extreme temperatures, low visibility, and the fear of falling off the cliff. The Rhone Glacier's icy landscape provides an ethereal setting as they explore the glacier's movements and why disappearing so quickly. Finally, the team heads to New Zealand, where they witness the incredible Franz Josef Glacier, one of the world's most accessible glaciers, retreating year after year.

The Last Glaciers shows the team at work, collecting data using cutting-edge technological equipment, and documenting their findings for scientific analysis. The film also depicts their emotional connection to the glaciers and the planet, as they witness firsthand the devastating effects of climate change on these natural wonders. Through their insights and discoveries, it is evident that the glaciers are a stark reminder of how our planet is changing more rapidly than we could have ever predicted.

The cinematography in this film is nothing short of spectacular, with the camera capturing the stunning beauty of the glaciers and the surrounding landscapes. The aerial shots of the glaciers from above create a sense of awe and majesty, while the close-up shots of the glaciers' glowing blue ice create an immersive experience for the viewer.

The Last Glaciers is a visually stunning, educational, and deeply moving film that will appeal to anyone with an interest in the natural world and our planet's future. Despite the documentary's sometimes heavy subject matter, the film's message remains hopeful, showcasing the commitment and dedication of individuals like Leeson, Turner, and Tuttle, who fiercely advocate for the protection of the natural world. The Last Glaciers is a testament to the importance of understanding our planet's changing environment and preserving it for future generations.

The Last Glaciers
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