The Little Mermaid

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The Little Mermaid is an animation produced in Japan by Toei Animation. It tells the story of the beautiful young mermaid princess named Marina who wishes to explore the surface world of humans, like her older sisters. Her father forbids this, wanting her to wait until she is of age to visit the surface for her own safety. Marina becomes jealous at being left behind and sneaks off to the surface against her father's wishes alongside her young dolphin friend, Fritz.

Upon reaching the surface, Marina and Fritz come across a party being held on a human ship. Unfortunately, the party is short lived as a storm destroys the boat and leaves the crew for dead. Marina saves a young man from the ship, who turns out to be a prince. Marina falls in love with the prince but is forced to leave him to protect her identity. Marina becomes more determined than ever to walk among the humans and win the love of the human prince.

The only way for her to accomplish this dream is to make a deal with the resident sea witch. The witch agrees to give Marina three days to win over the prince's heart in exchange for her voice. Marina must use her three days wisely to convince the prince to fall in love with her and break the curse. As the end of the story draws near, she must decide between the prince and returning to her old life.

The film is animated in traditional Japanese animation, and the voice acting features an experienced cast, including Kumiko Osugi, known as the Queen of Anime Song by her fans, who provides vocals for Marina.

Not Rated
| 1975 | 1 hr 14 min | 7.4/10
Fumie Kashiyama, Mariko Miyagi, TarĂ´ Shigaki, Hideki Shibata
Tomoharu Katsumata, Tim Reid
The Little Mermaid
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