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  • PG
  • 2001
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 6.5  (693)
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The Party's Over is a political documentary that explores the downfall of the United States political system. The film examines how the growing influence of money and media have corrupted American democracy, and how the country has been left with a two-party system that is increasingly controlled by the financial elite. The film features interviews with a number of high-profile figures, including Noam Chomsky, the renowned linguist and philosopher, as well as several prominent politicians and media figures. Each of these interviews provides a unique perspective on the current state of American politics, and offers insight into the ways in which the political landscape has shifted over the past several decades.

In addition to these interviews, The Party's Over also includes a number of historical clips and political advertisements, which highlight the ways in which media and money have been used to manipulate public opinion and influence elections. These clips provide a compelling look at the evolution of American politics, and show how the tools used to control the narrative have changed over time.

Throughout the film, the viewer is presented with a disturbing picture of the current state of American democracy. The influence of corporate money is shown to be a key factor in the corruption of the political process, with politicians increasingly beholden to the interests of corporations and wealthy donors. The film argues that this system has transformed American politics into a kind of oligarchy, where only the interests of the wealthy and powerful are represented.

Despite the bleak picture it paints, however, The Party's Over remains a hopeful film. Throughout its runtime, the film argues that change is still possible, and that a better and more democratic political system is within reach. This hope is grounded in the passionate activism of a number of grassroots political movements, which are shown to be fighting against the forces of money and corruption in American politics.

Overall, The Party's Over provides a thought-provoking and insightful examination of American politics in the early 2000s. Its critique of the two-party system and the influence of money in politics remains relevant today, and its message of hope and possibility in the face of political corruption is as inspiring now as it was then.

The Party's Over
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