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"BBC TV's film about a nuclear attack on Britain"
  • 1965
  • 48 min
  • 8.0  (7,211)

The War Game is a powerful and dramatic film that depicts the horrors of nuclear war in striking detail. Directed by Peter Watkins and released in 1966, the movie was initially made for television but was deemed too controversial for broadcast and was instead shown in cinemas. The film is presented as a documentary-style account of a hypothetical nuclear attack on Britain, and it draws on a range of sources including government reports, interviews with experts, and eyewitness accounts. The narrative of the film is split into two parts: the first part sets up the context of a potential nuclear war, while the second part shows the devastating consequences of such an event.

The movie begins with a series of interviews with politicians, scientists, and military officials who detail the growing geopolitical tensions between the West and the Soviet Union. The film sets the stage for a hypothetical scenario in which a limited nuclear attack has been launched against Britain. The government response is shown to be disorganized and ineffectual, and the population is left largely unprotected.

The second half of the movie is an unflinching depiction of the aftermath of a nuclear attack. Watkins incorporates a mix of dramatic reenactments, news footage, and still images to show the brutal and indiscriminate effects of a nuclear explosion. The scenes of devastation are disturbingly realistic and are made all the more poignant by the documentary-style presentation.

The visual effects in the movie are remarkable, especially considering the limited budget with which the film was made. The use of grainy black-and-white footage, impressionistic camerawork, and amateur actors adds to the realism of the movie. Scenes such as the hospital wards filled with radiation victims, the burning ruins of towns and cities, and the mass graves of the dead are harrowing and unforgettable.

The War Game is not just a film about the horrors of nuclear war, but also a critique of the social and political systems that allow such a conflict to occur. The movie includes interviews with ordinary people who express their frustration with the lack of government support and the inadequacy of civil defense measures. The film suggests that the scale of a nuclear attack would be so catastrophic that no amount of government planning could mitigate the damage.

The War Game is a powerful and deeply unsettling film that should be seen by anyone interested in the history of nuclear weapons and their effects. The movie is a testament to the creative potential of cinema as a medium for exploring difficult and controversial subjects. Despite being over fifty years old, the film remains relevant and thought-provoking today. Its message is clear: the only way to win a nuclear war is to never have one in the first place.

In conclusion, The War Game is a seminal piece of cinema that takes us into a world where nuclear war has ravaged Britain. The movie is unsettling and depressing, but it's also an essential reminder of the importance of peace and nonviolence. Despite its age, the film retains its power to shock and awe, and it should be considered a classic of the anti-war genre.

The War Game
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