"There are battles where you can't choose sides, you can only choose whether or not to fight."
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Threat will draw you into the streets of NYC for a first hand experience of what it's like to try and make a difference. A self-styled white punk and a black revolutionary form a friendship that seeks to bond their disparate neighborhood on the Lower East Side. This taut thriller exhibits the constant barriers faced when trying to unite a community as others seek to maintain the savage status quo. When an incident is wrongly attributed to racial motivation, the violence escalates into an all-out war.

2005 | | 5.5/10
Carlos Puga, Keith Middleton, Rebekka Takamizu, Kamouflage
Matt Pizzolo
Produced By
Katie Nisa, Matt Pizzolo, Kings Mob Productions
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Also directed by Matt Pizzolo

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Threat trailer [Kings Mob] - Carlos Puga Keith Middleton Katie Nisa Matt Pizzolo|1:50