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  • R
  • 2008
  • 1 hr 45 min
  • 4.7  (1,768)

Trapped Ashes is a horror anthology film from 2006, directed by Joe Dante, Ken Russell, Sean S. Cunningham, Monte Hellman, and John Gaeta. The movie features five separate stories, each taking place in a different room of an old Hollywood mansion where a group of strangers find themselves trapped. The first story, directed by Sean S. Cunningham, follows a young couple, Phoebe (Rachel Veltri) and Leo (Jayce Bartok), who decide to take a tour of a movie studio during their honeymoon. Little do they know that their tour guide, Stanley (Henry Gibson), is a creepy man who's obsessed with horror movies. Stanley takes them to his secret room where he shows them a movie with a shocking twist ending.

The second story, directed by Ken Russell, tells the tale of a model named Julia (Lara Harris), who is invited to be a part of an art exhibition where the artists want to capture her beauty by molding her body with wax. However, as the night progresses, she realizes that her hosts have more sinister intentions.

The third story, directed by Joe Dante, follows a wealthy actress named Alice (Bridgette Wilson), who is haunted by the ghost of her former co-star, who was killed in a freak accident during a film shoot. Alice can't seem to escape the memories of the tragedy and the ghostly presence that keeps showing up in her life.

The fourth story, directed by Monte Hellman, is about a family on vacation who get lost on a deserted road in the desert. They stumble upon a creepy diner where a mysterious man tells them the story of a mad scientist who experimented on his wife with deadly results.

The fifth and final story, directed by John Gaeta, is about a man (Scott Lowell) who is hired by a company to test out their revolutionary new virtual-reality technology. However, he soon realizes that he's not alone in the test program and that the virtual world has deadly consequences.

Throughout the film, the group of strangers becomes increasingly agitated as they realize they can't escape the mansion and the horrors that lie within. They try to make sense of what's happening to them and if there's any way to get out alive.

Overall, Trapped Ashes is a unique horror anthology that showcases the talents of five different directors. Each story has its own distinct style and tone, ranging from atmospheric and creepy to over-the-top and campy. The film has a star-studded cast and features some memorable performances, particularly from Henry Gibson as the creepy tour guide Stanley. Though the stories don't necessarily have much in common besides their setting, they all come together in a satisfying ending that will leave audiences satisfied.

Trapped Ashes
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