Treasure Island

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A story of swashbuckling pirates and a ship's crew looking for treasure, this classic story based on the Robert Louis Stevenson novel of the same name will provide adventure and intrigue for the entire family. Young Jim Hawkins (played by Kim Burfield) gets his hands on a treasure map after an old sailor dies unexpectedly at a pub. He and a ship's crew embark on a journey to find the hidden treasure. Unknown to them, several members of the crew are pirates who will do anything they need to do to get their hands on the valuables. Who will find the treasure first and who will live to go home and tell about this rousing adventure?

| 1972 | 1 hr 34 min | 5.9/10
Orson Welles, Kim Burfield, Lionel Stander, Walter Slezak
John Hough
Produced By
Artur Brauner, Luis Bermejo Carrin, Andrs Vicente Gmez, Franois de Lannurien, Harry Alan Towers
Treasure Island
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