True Grit: A Further Adventure

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  • 1978
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • 6.0  (205)

True Grit: A Further Adventure is a 1978 Western film directed by Richard T. Heffron. It is a sequel to the 1969 classic True Grit, which starred John Wayne as the lead character Rooster Cogburn. In this sequel, Cogburn is played by Warren Oates. The film is set some years after the events of the first movie. Rooster Cogburn is now an aging and retired US Marshal. He is visited by a young woman named Mattie Ross (played by Lisa Pelikan), who seeks his help in tracking down her father's killer. Mattie was just a young girl in the first movie, but now she is all grown up and determined to seek justice for her father's death.

Cogburn initially refuses to help Mattie, but he eventually relents and agrees to help her. Mattie is a headstrong and independent woman, and she insists on going along on the journey to track down the killer. Along the way, they are joined by a young Indian named Sam Two Feathers (played by Frank McRae), who also seeks to avenge the murder of his family.

The trio sets out into the Wild West, facing various challenges and obstacles along the way. They must navigate treacherous terrain, fend off dangerous outlaws, and endure harsh weather conditions. As they get closer to their target, they also come across an old enemy of Cogburn's, a notorious outlaw named Colt (played by Jack Garner).

True Grit: A Further Adventure is a classic Western film that captures the essence of the genre. The film features stunning landscapes and breathtaking action sequences, as well as memorable characters that are both likable and flawed.

Warren Oates delivers a standout performance as Rooster Cogburn. He brings depth and complexity to the character, portraying him as both gruff and tender-hearted. Lisa Pelikan also shines as Mattie Ross, portraying her as a smart and determined woman who is not afraid to take on a challenge. Lee Meriwether, who plays a small role as a saloon owner, also gives a noteworthy performance.

The film's screenplay, written by Doniphan Blair and Jack Turley, is well-crafted and tightly paced. It blends action, humor, and drama in a way that keeps the viewer engaged throughout. The film's score, composed by Charles Gross, is also noteworthy, providing a stirring backdrop to the action on screen.

Overall, True Grit: A Further Adventure is an excellent Western film, and a worthy sequel to the classic original. It features a strong cast, a compelling storyline, and classic Western action. Fans of the genre will not be disappointed.

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    1 hr 40 min
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    6.0  (205)