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"He loved her. He lost her. He won't let her memory die... until it tells him who killed her."
  • R
  • 1996
  • 1 hr 57 min
  • 6.0  (5,872)

"Unforgettable" is a 1996 science fiction thriller that interlaces elements of crime and drama, featuring a riveting storyline directed by John Dahl. The film stars Ray Liotta in the lead role of Dr. David Krane, with Linda Fiorentino playing Dr. Martha Briggs and Peter Coyote as Don Bresler. The plot of "Unforgettable" centers around Dr. Krane’s quest for the truth and his pursuit of justice, driven by a personal tragedy that has left him aggrieved and obsessed.

Dr. David Krane is a medical examiner who is haunted by the murder of his wife. His life is dominated by the need to find her killer and clear his own name, as the true perpetrator has never been caught and Krane himself was a suspect in the case. His professional skills and relentless determination make him a formidable force, yet his personal torment and the cloud of suspicion that hangs over him cast a dark shadow on his life.

Linda Fiorentino's character, Dr. Martha Briggs, is a brilliant researcher working on a revolutionary but highly experimental serum derived from human brains. This powerful substance has the potential to allow a person to experience the memories of someone else, and it becomes the focal point of the story. It represents a breakthrough in neuroscience, with implications that could change the way humanity understands memory and consciousness.

In his desperation to solve the mystery of his wife’s murder, Dr. Krane decides to take an enormous risk. He collaborates with Dr. Briggs to use the memory serum on himself, in the hope that it will allow him to see through the eyes of his wife's killer. The injections not only revitalize forgotten memories but also expose Dr. Krane to the intense and visceral experiences of other people's lives.

His journey becomes a perilous one, as the memories take a toll on his psyche and start to blur the lines between his own identity and those of the individuals whose memories he now carries. Each experience is a clue, but it also pushes him mentally to the edge, as the procedure is not without severe side effects, both psychological and physical.

Director John Dahl weaves a complex narrative that unspools like a dark tapestry of emotion and intrigue. The film explores the ethical and moral boundaries of scientific discovery, as well as the implications of tampering with the mind's deepest recesses. The visual tone is moody and intense, with moments of visceral suspense that keep the audience on the edge of their seats, questioning the price of uncovering the truth.

Peter Coyote's character, Don Bresler, adds another layer to the already dense plot. As details of the various characters’ motivations and backgrounds are revealed, the story unfolds in a way that intertwines the personal and professional lives of those involved, with each new turn offering potential answers along with fresh enigmas.

The use of cutting-edge (for the time) special effects serves to illustrate the memory recall sequences, with the filmmakers aiming to create a sensory representation of what experiencing someone else’s memories might feel like. The film's atmosphere is further enhanced by an evocative score and a carefully crafted soundscape that underscores the tension and haunting nature of Krane’s journey.

Ray Liotta brings intensity and depth to the character of Dr. Krane, embodying both the protagonist’s intellect and his internal torment. His performance captures the essence of a man driven by love, loss, and the desperate need for closure. Linda Fiorentino offers a strong counterpart as Dr. Briggs, herself a researcher facing moral quandaries about her work and its potential ramifications.

"Unforgettable" challenges viewers with questions about the essence of memory and the lengths to which one might go to reclaim the past or seek justice. The narrative is laden with unexpected twists and turns, as alliances are formed and broken, and the distinction between friend and foe becomes increasingly murky. This is a film that does not merely entertain but also invites reflection on the implications of peering too deeply into the human mind.

In summary, "Unforgettable" is a film that combines the best of its genre elements, with a compelling performance from Ray Liotta and a thought-provoking storyline. It is a psychological thriller that succeeds in weaving a narrative of high stakes and profound human emotion, offering viewers an edge-of-the-seat experience that stays with them long after the credits have rolled.

Unforgettable is a 1996 thriller with a runtime of 1 hour and 57 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.0.

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