Wild Heritage

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  • 1958
  • 1 hr 18 min
  • 5.6  (175)

In the 1958 Western movie Wild Heritage, Will Rogers Jr. plays Jeb Stuart, a rancher who is struggling to keep his land from being taken over by a neighboring rancher. Jeb receives help from his girlfriend and fellow rancher, Ann Bradley (played by Maureen O'Sullivan), and a young artist named Mike (played by Rod McKuen) who is hired to paint murals on the walls of Jeb's home.

Jeb is a proud and determined man who is unwilling to sell his land to the wealthy and powerful neighboring rancher, Douglas Morgan (played by James Bell). He believes that the land has been in his family for generations and it is his responsibility to protect it. Ann, who is also struggling to keep her own land, supports Jeb and offers him advice and assistance whenever she can.

Mike, the young artist who is hired to paint murals on Jeb's home, is initially seen as an outsider by Jeb and the other ranch hands. However, as he becomes more involved in their struggles, they begin to see him as a valuable ally. Mike has his own reasons for helping Jeb, as he is searching for a connection to his own family heritage. He becomes particularly close to Jeb's young son, Timmy (played by Lani Kai) who is fascinated by his paintings.

As the conflict between Jeb and Morgan continues to escalate, the tension between the two ranchers reaches a boiling point. Morgan resorts to illegal and violent tactics to force Jeb off his land, but Jeb and his allies refuse to back down. In the end, they must find a way to come together to protect their shared land and heritage.

Wild Heritage is a classic Western movie that explores themes of family, heritage, and the struggle to maintain a way of life in the face of outside pressure. With stunning landscapes, gripping action sequences, and memorable performances from its talented cast, it is a film that captures the spirit of the Wild West with heart and authenticity.

Wild Heritage
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    1 hr 18 min
  • IMDB Rating
    5.6  (175)