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"All his Great Joy and all his God Darned Greatness"
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  • 1952
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The Story of Will Rogers is a biographical film that tells the story of the life and times of a beloved American humorist, actor, and commentator with the same name. The film is directed by Michael Curtiz and stars Will Rogers Jr., son of the real-life Will Rogers, as his father. The film also features Jane Wyman and Carl Benton Reid in prominent roles.

The film begins with a young Will Rogers growing up in Oklahoma, where he learned to become an expert horseman and learned to handle a lasso with ease. Rogers' love for horses would play a significant role in his life and career, as he became known as one of the most celebrated cowboys of his time. The film depicts his humble beginnings and how he rose to fame and success through his wit, humor, and charm.

As he grows older, Rogers grows tired of his mundane life as a farmer and decides to hone his talent as a performer. He joins a traveling show, where he begins to develop his signature style of humor and commentary on American life. The film depicts his rise to fame and his ascent as one of the most well-known figures in America in the early 20th century.

As Rogers' popularity grows, he becomes increasingly involved in politics and social commentary. The film does an excellent job of highlighting his intelligence and wit, as he makes astute observations about the state of the world and the many issues facing America at the time. Rogers became known for his ability to use humor to criticize those in power, and the film shows several instances of him using this talent to great effect.

Throughout the film, the audience is treated to a glimpse of Rogers' personal life. We see him fall in love and marry, and we are introduced to his family and friends. The movie portrays the deep and abiding love Rogers had for his wife, Betty, and their children. It also depicts Rogers' close friendship with President Roosevelt and their correspondence on matters of national importance.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of The Story of Will Rogers is how it portrays Rogers as a symbol of hope and optimism during a difficult time in American history. The movie is set during the Great Depression and the lead up to World War II, and Rogers' humor and wisdom were a beacon for many Americans looking for a way forward. The film is a reminder of the power of humor and the importance of laughter during times of great adversity.

Overall, The Story of Will Rogers is an entertaining and inspiring biopic that does justice to the life and times of one of America's most beloved figures. The film highlights Rogers' humor, wit, and charm, but also his deep sense of compassion and his unwavering dedication to making the world a better place. With excellent performances from the lead actors, beautiful cinematography, and a script that does justice to the remarkable life of Will Rogers, this film is a must-watch for anyone interested in American history, humor, and storytelling.

The Story of Will Rogers
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