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  • 2005
  • 7.0  (1,266)

Winky's Horse from 2005 is a heartwarming family film that follows the story of a young Chinese girl named Winky who moves with her mother to a new country to join her father, who is already settled there. Winky is excited to join her father and start a new life in a new country, but she also has a burning desire for one specific thing: her very own horse.

In her homeland of China, Winky had always admired the beautiful horses that lived in the fields near her home. She longed for a horse of her own and had even saved up money to buy a saddle. So when she arrives in her new home, she is ecstatic to find that there are horses grazing in the fields nearby.

However, Winky soon finds out that owning a horse is not as easy as she thought it would be. Her parents are reluctant to buy her a horse, and the horses she sees in the fields belong to other people. It seems like her dream will never come true.

Despite the setback, Winky is determined to make her dream a reality. She starts attending riding lessons and helps out at a nearby stable in exchange for rides. She even befriends a horse named Jacco and feels a deep connection with him.

But when Winky's parents hear about a horse that is up for sale, they decide that it is too expensive and not worth the price. Winky is devastated and thinks that her dream of owning a horse will never come true.

However, her luck changes when her grandparents come to visit from China. Her grandfather happens to be a horse trainer and brings her a beautiful white horse named Liberty as a gift. Winky is beyond thrilled and, with the help of her grandfather, she trains Liberty to ride and compete in an upcoming horse show.

Winky faces many challenges along the way, including a jealous stable assistant who undermines her efforts and a language barrier that makes it hard for her to communicate with her grandfather. But she perseveres and, with the help of her friends and family, she achieves her dream of riding her very own horse in a real competition.

Winky's Horse is a movie that teaches us the value of hard work and determination. Winky's unwavering perseverance and love for horses are an inspiration, and her story highlights the importance of following your dreams and never giving up.

The film also tackles the themes of friendship, family, and cultural integration. Winky's struggles to adapt to a new country and overcome language barriers are relatable to many people who have experienced similar challenges. Winky's relationship with her grandfather, who she initially felt estranged from due to their cultural and linguistic differences, is a heartwarming portrayal of the bonds that can form between generations.

The film's stunning visuals and beautiful score perfectly complement the story and add to its emotional impact. The scenes of Winky and Liberty riding in the fields are particularly breathtaking and highlight the freedom and joy that comes with being a true horse lover.

In conclusion, Winky's Horse from 2005 is an uplifting and inspiring movie that will capture the hearts of viewers of all ages. Its themes of perseverance, friendship, and family make it a relatable and meaningful story, and its stunning visuals and score make it a cinematic masterpiece. If you're a fan of heartwarming family films, this is definitely one to add to your watchlist.

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