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  • 1950
  • 1 hr 27 min
  • 6.1  (272)

Wyoming Mail is a western movie from 1950 that follows a storyline set in the Wild West of the 1860s. Stephen McNally plays a tough-as-nails U.S. marshal named Steve Davis, who is tasked with protecting mail delivery from outlaws who have been raiding stagecoaches and stealing valuable mail sacks. The mail in question is important because it contains large sums of money and stock certificates that are intended for eastern banks and businessmen.

The movie starts with a thrilling action scene where a group of outlaws manage to rob a stagecoach after a fierce gunfight with the driver and guards. The outlaws escape, but their leader, a seemingly mild-mannered man named Gil Cooper (played by Howard da Silva), orders his men to burn the mailbags before opening them. Later, it is revealed that Cooper is actually a shrewd businessman who, frustrated with the lack of investment opportunities in the still-underdeveloped west, plans to steal the mail in order to manipulate the stock market.

Steve Davis, who has been assigned to protect the mail and stop the outlaws, arrives in town to begin his job. He meets an independent and resourceful female gambler named Mary Williams (played by Alexis Smith) who is initially hostile towards him but later helps him get close to Cooper by posing as his girlfriend. Together, they try to uncover Cooper's plan and bring him to justice.

Wyoming Mail features several exciting action scenes, including gunfights, horse chases, and suspenseful moments of near-escape. The movie has a classic western feel, with gorgeous landscapes, simple characters, and clear-cut moral values. Steve Davis, the hero of the movie, is a stern and serious man who takes his job seriously and will stop at nothing to protect the mail and bring the outlaws to justice. He is the embodiment of the law and order that was so essential to the western frontier.

Mary Williams, on the other hand, is a more complex character who adds some spice to the film. She is smart, independent, and not afraid to go her own way. She dislikes Davis initially but later becomes his ally out of necessity. The relationship that develops between the two characters is intriguing, with hints of romantic tension and mutual respect.

Howard da Silva's performance as Cooper is excellent, as he manages to portray both the ruthless businessman and the charming rogue. Cooper is not a typical villain but rather a man with a plan who is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. He is clever, manipulative, and dangerous, and he provides an interesting foil for Davis and Williams.

The movie also features a solid supporting cast that includes actors like Edgar Buchanan and Richard Jaeckel. The sets and costumes are accurately rendered and add to the sense of time and place. The music, composed by Dimitri Tiomkin, is suitably rousing and epic.

Overall, Wyoming Mail is a satisfying western movie that delivers on its promises of action, adventure, and romance. It is a classic of its genre and remains entertaining and engaging to this day. Audiences who enjoy westerns, thrillers, and classic cinema will find much to appreciate in this forgotten gem.

Wyoming Mail
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