Zodiac: The Race Begins

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In this animated film, the Jade Emperor is charged by Buddha to rule not on the mortal worlds but the celestial worlds, as well. However, regardless of how much the Jade Emperor assists the mortal world in order to keep it a peaceful place, it seems that men who live there will never have any awareness of actual time. Due to this, the Jade Emperor appoints the 12 animals of the zodiac to assist men in being able to keep track and awareness of their time. However, the Jade Emperor's arch rivals devises a plan to impede the 12 chosen animals.

| 2006 | 1 hr 30 min | 3.9/10
Fann Wong, Dennis Chong Kheng Chew, Jamie Yeo, Vernetta Lopez
Edward Fu
Produced By
Sky Li
Zodiac: The Race Begins
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