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Beethoven the Saint Bernard is very lovable and loyal, but one thing he is not is well-behaved. Hence, it is very perplexing to his family when he suddenly starts behaving himself like a proud graduate of an exclusive training academy. They can tell that something is amiss, but little do they suspect that Beethoven is not who he appears to be. In fact, he has switched places with another dog from a rich family where pomposity is the order of the day. Riches abound, but love is harder to come by. Will Beethoven's family ever get their real dog back?

| | 1 hr 33 min | 4.0/10
Judge Reinhold, Julia Sweeney, Joe Pichler, Michaela Gallo, Kaleigh Krish
MCA Universal Home Video
David M. Evans, David Mickey Evans
Beethoven's 4th

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